Thursday, January 6, 2011

christmas wrap-up.

the patterns for the darth vader (and boba fett/clone) snowflakes can be found here. (my brother's friend nicole tipped us off to them!) ryan cut the one pictured here... my darths looked like cocker spaniels...

the fabulous erin P. sent us these amazing williams-sonoma star wars pancake molds for christmas! thanks erin!!! the tastiness was strong with these pancakes...

after a week up at my parents place for christmas in roberts creek, we headed over to the in-laws to recreate a nelson christmas morning (complete with snow!). jeri made the most amazing breakfast spread of freshly baked brioche, pickled herring, turkey sausages, boiled eggs and sparkling apple cider! ryan made us some tasty lattés too! deeeelicious!


  1. The Star War pancake molds are the most amazing thing I've seen!

  2. we were so surprised when we opened them! erin also got us a darth spatula!!

  3. ooo thank you so much for visiting my blog, "diary of a short girl" :) great picks on your blog! i think i'll have to make it a daily read ;)