Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my favourite things, from lush.

my top fav products from LUSH:
1. sympathy for the skin body cream. lightly-scented banana vanilla cream custardygoodness that cures my dryest of skin with no oily residue! hooray!

2. running to the embassy (in tin) foot soap. minty, gritty, creamy foot scrubber that leaves my feet smooth and fresh and smelling great!

3. pied de pepper foot lotion (not pictured, hint hint mom/ryan/jeri - christmas? ;). spicy, cinnamon foot cream for after the running to the embassy foot scrub, makes my feet smooth and soft and smelling like gingerbread!

4. candy fluff dusting powder. cotton candy, bubblegum talc for my smelly shoes and for a light scent! slight sparkle included!

5. snow fairy shower gel. a companion to the candy floss dusting powder, a bubblegum/cotton candy shower gel that is actually a fav of ryan's (sorry dear). smells sweet and makes my whole apartment smell like a candy shop!

6. hair doctor pre-wash scalp and hair conditioner. doesn't appear on the website anymore, but this minty, tingly scalp treatment was like a breath of fresh hair had swept through my roots! not sure that it was able to help my dry scalp significantly, as 1 pot only dealt me 2 treatments, perhaps after prolonged use it would affect my dry scalp. it did feel fantastic for my itchy, dry scalp the 2 times i was able to use it! i would use it again in a heartbeat!

7. ultrabland face cleanser. an ultra creamy, smooth, moisturizing face paste that left my face feeling super-hydrated and fresh! have actually stopped using cleansers all together as an experiment to see if my eczema improves, but if i was to ever start using a cleanser again, it would be ultrabland!


  1. still going on my "i love juicy" shampoo!

  2. oh that's awesome you've still got some left! if you come home for christmas we'll stock up!

  3. I wonder how Lee would feel about his smelling construction boots have the smell of cotton candy and bubble gum wafting from them...

  4. eheheheh i laughed out loud reading your comment lisa! i say go for it ;) i think he would enjoy the light sparkles too!

  5. *laughs* Oddly, I think I could get away with it and him give me that look that I secretly love getting from him. Him at a site meeting, leaving a waft of bubble gum & cotton candy along with a trail of sparkle. *smirks*