Thursday, November 11, 2010

i love food.

[photo credits 1,3,4: jamie delaine, 2: me]

another thing that ryan and i enjoy to do together (and separately) is eat! the deciding factor in choosing the Bonniebrook Lodge for our wedding reception was the first whiff of our appetizers when we sampled the food there in august 2009. (well really we were 95% certain after reading about all the goodies on the amazing menu). the above pictures by our wedding photographer jamie delaine show some of the tasty dishes we were lucky to have at our reception! :)

our favourite restaurants at the moment (in no particular order):
1. kintaro ramen noodle (denman st., vancouver)
2. tawara sushi (highway 10, surrey)
3. guu (thurlow st., vancouver)
4. pho'vy (fort st., victoria)
5. original tandoori kitchen (120st., surrey)
6. pizzeria prima strada (cook st., victoria)
7. fritz's fries (davie st., vancouver)
8. memphis blues (broadway st., vancouver)
we're always looking for neat new places to eat!

ryan is an amazing cook! he has been posting and photographing a lot of his meals/restaurant experiences since he has been in glasgow over on his blog: the hungry architect. i'm not too shabby when i make the effort, though i seem to have a better grasp on baking vs. cooking. maybe it is the scientist in me, as i really like working from a recipe, whereas ryan really enjoys improvising and figuring out the flavours of the dish as he goes. (as a scientist, i should be good at experiments, but my meals "sans recipe" never seem to produce a great end product!) my favourite series of cookbooks i like to work from are those written by ina garten, the barefoot contessa. i'll post about her in a subsequent post!


  1. my family motto is: we don't eat to live, we live to eat! hehehe cheese balls!.... mmm cheese...

  2. you are a cheeseball! cheese balls are good on fries w/ gravy!
    miss you!