Saturday, October 16, 2010

the shaw ocean discovery centre, sidney bc.

[photos all taken by me, photo 4: lion's mane jellyfish cyanea capillata, photo 5: anemone tealia/urticina sp., photo 6: orange peel nudibranch tochulina tetraquetra eating orange sea pen ptilosarcus gurneyi, photo 7: china rockfish sebastes nebulosus]

we had a neat time at the shaw ocean discovery centre in sidney, bc today! i was invited by heather, kylee and dawna to join their field trip with the invertebrate zoology class that i used to be a teaching assistant for in past years. i'd never been to the discovery centre before, and its a very neat place!  quite a bit smaller than the vancouver aquarium, but it has some beautiful displays and tanks full of local species, microscopes set up over specimens and a great touch tank at the end of the galleries!  i'm sure as the years progress, it will gain more attention and funding and become quite a spectacular space! 

we saw lots of neat invertebrates (and vertebrates) including a spectacularly huge orange peel nudibranch (nudibranch or sea slug, photo 4) eating its staple favourite, an orange sea pen (ptilosarcus)! it was almost a foot long! we also got a chance to see a female octopus tending to strings of eggs that she had laid in her den in one of the overhead tanks! very cool!
we also ran into some great friends of mine and my parents, ted and dana and their daughter (a neat new friend of mine), sarah, who is visiting from tokyo! all in all a great day out!

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