Sunday, October 3, 2010

movies, part 1.

[starwars ABC artwork by tweedlebop, planet travel posters 1, 2, 3 and 4 by justin van gendersen, movie poster by andy helms]
if anyone was ever to ask me to choose my favourite movie of all time, i would have to answer, hands down, "star wars".  i grew up watching "star wars" with my family, and whenever i want to feel like i'm back home again, watching the trilogy takes me back there instantly.
now, if i had to choose which specific movie (from "a new hope", "the empire strikes back" or "return of the jedi"), it would have to be "return of the jedi". obviously i love ewoks and endor, i almost named rohe, "wicket". the forests of endor have always reminded me of british columbia, and more specifically, they remind me of the forest out front of my grandma page's house in west vancouver.  ian and i used to play out there for hours, building stick houses in the trees and pretending to win the invasion by the empire...


  1. these posters are so cool! we'll have to get one for our (future) home :)

    you don't know this, but i had a sandbox, underneath a wood-fort that my dad build in the backyard of our old house in delta, and i played with my boba-fett and drone figures pretending i was on tatooine

  2. :) we definitely should!
    awwww you played on tatooine and i played on endor, siiiiiigh, a match made in nerd heaven...
    we're geeks!