Sunday, September 19, 2010


ryan and i made our very first "housewares" purchase with a gift certificate given to us by the lovely kylee. kylee gave us a gift certificate to a super neat kitchen store in victoria called "muffet & louisa" which is located on store street. we bought a pretty white colander and two emile henry bowls, one in figue (purple) and the other in slate (dark gray). love!
we also found a beautiful throw that we hope to use as a tablecloth (once we finally own a table) at "plenty", one of my favorite specialty food/cookbook/housewares stores. the cloth is made by a company called "nkuku" based out of the uk. i have a feeling i'll be spending a lot of time daydreaming on their website!  now all i need is a house...


  1. You are not dorks, you are happily married :D

    Yay you guys!

  2. eheheh we're dorks b/c we're the only people commenting on each other's blogs! thanks for commenting P!

  3. I think it's adorable you two post back and forth on each others blogs.

  4. heheh thanks lisa! and thank you for joining in :)